Do Not Sell My Personal Information

To comply with the CCPA and other privacy regulations, this page shows how you can tell us not to sell your personal information for interest-based ads or for other purposes. Please read our Privacy Policy for a full explanation of our data use policies. 

To change how cookies are handled and to opt-out of marketing cookies, please click here to go to our Cookie Policy page. There you will find links to change your cookie consents. 

If you are subscribed to Bamgo emails, you can unsubscribe from those emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email. You can also log in to the User Profile to delete your account data, and also export data to see what we store in your account. 

For any other data requests please write or email to:

Attn: Data Requests
113 Cherry St #31833
Seattle, WA 98104 USA