US and Mexico Restrict Cross Border Travel

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In another historic united front against the global Coronavirus epidemic, the United States and Mexico agree to close their borders to non-essential travel. Tourism is not considered to be essential travel. Only Mexican citizens and residents who are repatriating, diplomats, and other approved persons are allowed to cross into Mexico. This announcement came shortly after the United States and Canada closed their border. The order goes into effect March 21, 2020 and will be reviewed in 30 days, according to comments by US Secretary of State Popeo

Mexico is home to many tourist hotspots such as Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, and Puerto Vallarta. Americans wishing to travel to Mexico will have to provide sufficient documentation that they are not a restricted person, or are on business that is not also restricted. It may be possible to book a flight, but the airline will be required to screen all passengers before boarding, and you will be questioned on landing by Mexican immigration. 

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