Should You Cancel Your Already Booked Trip Because of Coronavirus?

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As coronavirus travel restrictions mount up nationwide, you may be wondering whether to cancel your already booked trip or to go ahead with it. This depends a lot on where you are coming from, going to, and the nature of your trip. 

Firstly, you should check with the airline to see if the flight has been canceled. The airline will always have the most up to date information on their flight operations and changes to schedules. 

For people traveling from or to a state in lockdown, such as California and New York, you will likely need to show documentation that your trip is "essential" in nature to be allowed on a flight. It's not clear how strongly this requirement is being enforced, or what documentation is required. The LAX Airport Twitter account posted some more information about their current operations that may be helpful. 

Hotels are generally open unless the hotel operator closed due to slow business. It's best to call ahead to make sure the hotel will be open for the duration of your trip. None of the "Stay at Home" orders have closed hotels explicitly, though hotels are limited to providing room service and take-out only food options for their guests. 

Cruise lines have been very hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. If you have a cruise booking, it is highly recommended to contact the cruise company to ensure there hasn't been a cancellation. The CDC recommends not taking a cruise at this time due to health risk. 

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