Fresh Trip Ideas in the Coronavirus Era

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With many US states issuing "stay at home" or similar executive orders, some people will need to wait until after the coronavirus travel restrictions are ended before taking a non-essential trip. It's likely that many of these orders will be extended to sometime in May. In fact, the Governor of Delaware, to our knowledge, already extended the stay-at-home order the furthest than other states to May 15, 2020. 

For people not living under a "stay at home" or similar order, there may be some reluctance to book a flight or hotel for travel in the coming weeks. Here are some ideas that may help spark the imagination:

Take a Road Trip

If you don't own a car, you can always rent a car for a road trip.  Be sure to take cleaning supplies with you and to disinfect your hotel room's commonly touched surfaces like door handles and TV remotes. Occupancy is down for hotels and you'll likely find some good deals. 

Rent an RV

Recreational Vehicles are sort of a perfect solution, as they double as a means of transportation and a rolling hotel. If you are concerned about staying in hotels due to coronavirus risk, this is a good solution. Before emabarking on your trip you can disinfect the RV to your satisfaction. Popular RV rental companies include Cruise America and Outdoorsy, who is doing a 10% off deal with promo code SPRING10.

Go Camping

Getting away from people is probably a good idea right now, as the coronavirus can only be passed by close contact with someone who is infected. As the spring weather sets in, camping could be a good alternative to a beach trip, especially if you already own the gear. 

Stay with Friends or Family

It goes without saying that visiting friends and family should only be done if nobody is sick and the state and local governments haven't issues a "stay at home" or similar order.

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